I started farming in 1975 with eighty acres of leased land. We grew to almost 1,900 of tillable acres in less than 30 years. The Lord blessed us with some really good years. Then one morning, in the spring of 2004, the Lord spoke to me in my devotion time and said, “It’s not about the farm”. We’d had two bad years and our working capital was almost gone. So I knew I was to quit farming. I enrolled most of the land in the government program CRP, sold off the machinery, and then tried to figure out what I was to do with the rest of my life.

Both of my parents died of cancer and I told the Lord, if I do nothing else, I want to know the truth about why my folks died of this terrible disease and what causes it. In Mathew 14:6 Jesus says that He is the way, the truth and the life. So I just asked the Lord for the truth about cancer.

I started reading health books on cancer and spent thousands of hours researching on the internet. This research took me back to the basics – where foods come from, the soil. I spent 3 years studying about food and how it’s raised, the effects of America’s farming practices, of which I had been apart of, the depletion of our soils, and how genetically modified organisms (GMO) have played a part in the American diet. I spent another year studying water and three months on air. I basically studied everything that enters the human body.

After four years, I felt that there was still something missing. I searched and searched for another year and then stumbled across the author Hulda Clark. Her books revealed to me the missing part of the puzzle; our environment and how it plays a role in our overall health. Finally, all the pieces started falling into place in my mind and it started to make sense.

Then I studied the American Medical Association. How our doctors are trained and indoctrinated and how the powerful drug companies influence them. Lastly, I studied the evil system that rules this world and how it was all part of a master plan to get the American people to the point of chronic disease and sickness. Going to the American doctor to heal us, believing all the false hope, spending all of our insurance and personal money, then finally dying broke, discouraged, and robbed of our dreams.

My conclusion, after five years of research and studying, is that I had contributed to my parents’ early death of cancer by raising food covered with pesticides and chemicals raised on soils deplete of trace minerals. So the Lord stopping me from chemical farming was not in vain but probably saved me from an early death.

So now I firmly believe we should only eat organically grown food without chemicals or pesticides, raised on balanced soils. Drink the purest water possible without fluorines or chlorides. Breath the purest air without contaminations. Rid our living and working environment of all toxins. Then we will have a chance of a long productive life. This is why I am so committed to organic farming and producing the best possible food for us and our animals.


Ted Lacy, Owner